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A Viral Love Story of Symbiotic Ecology, Immunophilosophy,
Intimate Experience and Invalid Code.

carrier investigates viral symbiosis in the biological and virtual domains. It repositions viral infection with Hepatitis C (HCV) as positive biological merging with the flesh - weaving a love story with another intelligent being, rather than responding to illness as a detached battleground.
carrier is about becoming syborg in the emerging millennium, as we seek a way reposition ourselves as the boundaries between human / machine /species dissolve.

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  • published:

  • The Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 1
    Edited by : N. Katherine Hayes # Nick Montfort : Scott Rettberg # Stephanie Strickland
    awards :

  • Winner: Festival Awards for Literature 2000- Faulding Award for Multimedia
    Adelaide Festival, Adelaide, Australia.
  • 2nd Prize: National Digital Art Awards 1999
    Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia
  • Honourable Mention: Art on the Net 2000,
    Machida City Museum, Tokyo, Japan


  • Art Entertainment Network, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA
  • Biennial of Buenos Aires 02, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Argentina
  • Body as Byte: The body as information flow, New Kunstmuseum, Luzern, Switzerland
  • Break21, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Comtec art 99, Kunsthaus, Dresden, Germany
  • Double Life, Generali Foundation, Vienna, Austria
  • Event Horizon Gallery, Metal and Flesh, Canada
  • Fusion Telepresence Event, simultaneously in Sydney, Au and
    Weimar, Germany
  • Impakt Festival, Central Museum, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Infectious Agents -Cyber Cultures, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney, Australia
  • Interferences, 2eme Festival International dâArts MultimZ¹dia Urbains,
    Belfort, France
  • Invencao, Thinking the Next Millenium, San Paulo, Brazil
  • Love in the Digital Revolution, frAme 4, UK
  • Maid In Cyberspace 3, Cinematheque Quebecoise, Montreal, Canada
  • Net_art, Freestyle Festival, Museu de la Ciencia de Catalunya, Spain.
  • REAL vol 3 Co:exist, Jingumae, Tokyo, Japan
  • Splitski Filmski Festival, 6th International Festival of New Film, Split, Croatia
  • Syntax, Fine Art Forum, Australia,
  • The New Incunabula 04, trAce, Nottingham Trent University, UK
  • Threads of the Woven Maze, Hanover, Germany
  • Through the Looking Glass , Beachwood Center for the Arts, Ohio, USA
  • Transmediale 2000, Berlin, Germany
  • Urban Futures 2000 Digital Exhibition, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Wand5, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart, Germany © 2010    subtle | curatorial | creative | critique | cv + contact