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Australian Networked Art
2004 : Australian Culture Now
Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
Melbourne [2004]

line2004: Australian Culture Now spanned the breadth of visual culture, presenting film, video, television, painting, networked media, sculpture, installation, photography, craft, design and fashion from 150 Australian artists.

[Image: 2004 promotional video - click to watch]

2004/Networked presented the work of 23 Australian networked artists in installations, online, in durational and multi-user performances, forums, and displayed networked artefacts.
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[Image: ACMI Screen Gallery showing several Networked artworks. From left: Tim Plaisted’s Surface Browser and Peter Murphy’s Panoramic V R Weblog - both accessable on moniters and projection]

[Image: Zina Kaye, The Line Ahead [2004] reinterprets and re-visualizes data sets - relaying and converting radio scanned aircraft transmissions to an exotic information flow through LEDs in the gallery.]

[Image: Adam Nash, Scorched Happiness [2004] is a live performance in 3D multi-user cyberspace. Using Julia Kristeva's text Toccata and Fugue for the Foreigner as a basis, it is a practical investigation into the nature of live performance within 3D multi-user cyberspace ]

[Image: qnoors [queer non object oriented radio [Jaye Hayes & Jason Sweeney] inbox [2004] The artists inhabit 2.5 x 2.5m cardboard boxes at Bootlab in Berlin and in the ACMI foyer; becoming transmission sites for video streams and, with partcipation via SMS, blogs and online chat..

[Image: Escape From Woomera [2003] is a modification of the PC game Half-life. It was developed by an Australian-based group of professional game developers, digital media artists and an investigative journalist.The game recreates the environment and living conditions of the Woomera Immigration Reception and Processing Centre.] © 2009     subtle | curatorial | creative | critique | cv + contact